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One of the most difficult subjects for academic writing is history. To write a good essay on history it is not enough to follow the theme and describe events that occurred in a given period because an essay is not a simple article based on the facts of the book. The problem is much more complex.

You should show that you can talk about historical facts in a free literary form,

  • arguing and
  • proving
  • their opinion without unnecessary “water” and with competent conclusions.

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Structure of your historical article

Basically you will get an article with the structure that your teacher or tutor will suggest you. Therefore, it is very important that you give us all the information we receive. Basically, according to the purpose of the article and with your educational institution, our writers will adapt the overall structure of any article to stay exactly as yours should be. So, as a general rule, you will have:

  • Introduction;
  • Development;
  • Conclusion.

The introduction and completion will be proportional to the size of any item. Although not very extensive, they have a well-defined structure and a very clear objective. They may be inserted in a text if the article is small. In this case they will be reduced to only one paragraph each. In the case of more elaborate documents, where research and purpose is a long work, the introduction and conclusion will have their own space, occupying up to one page each.

The development part also has its own scheme which must be followed and which, like the introduction and conclusion, depends on the size of the work. Here you will have references related to the chosen theme, considering that our writers are aware of the latest researches and are the ones that are used for the work done. If your teacher gives you research material, you must give us everything in full so that the work is fully adapted. Often the subjectivity can take care of some works of this sort, or, it is necessary to choose a well defined line of orientation, that presents authors for and others against. Tell us clearly which line of thought should be adopted. If you are still not sure what it will be, we can help you by suggesting an approach you will present to your tutor. According to his feedback, we will understand which way he wants to go. Then just rest easy. Your work will be done by a professional in the field. He, if you need it, will contact you to remove any doubt.

After these three phases are completed, the work is not ready to be delivered. It is necessary to make a list of bibliographical references or to present all the bibliography consulted throughout the process. The choice between references and bibliography will depend heavily on the theme, objectives and type of document being drawn up. But rest easy about it. Our team is used to knowing how to make the best choices.

Then it is necessary to verify the necessity or not of other attachments and to do the editing and revision of the whole document. For larger documents, it will be necessary to follow some general rules, putting the title, dedication, summary in vernacular and in English and other fundamental points. In articles or small work, if they are scientific articles, the rules are basic and easily adapted. If it is an article of opinion or a work of a chair to present, then it will have a freer presentation, although always based on reliable and current literature.

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